Huskyville's first litter. I have been longing for these puppies to be born. And finally on March 16th, 4 boys and 2 girls were born. The girls were born first and last of the litter. All the puppies have gotten their pedigree names inspired from native Indian names. Hopefully they will become as eager in harness as their mother and father. But for now they are just small cutes, eating and sleeping. I will keep three out of this litter. Maria, my niece, has already fallen in love with Honey Dew and named her Honning in Norwegian - so I guess we have to keep her...

Updates: I kept Honning, White Mountain and Crazy Horse myself. They all work very well in harness. I have tried Crazy and Honning in lead position. White is a bit more insecure so he can wait another year. Both the guys have grown quite big - outside the standard. But Honning is a medium sized female. Very nice tempered dogs - Crazy a bit intense... I think they will all enter my competition team this year

Little Mouse Mir is living with Tone B. Hansen and Runar G. Simonsen. They have about 6-7 Siberians and compete in sprint distance/mid distance competitions. They report Mir to be very eager, intense and focused. Which I think is great. Hopefully she will be as good a lead dog as her parents.

Black Badger is living with Ivar Hordnes and Anne Spangen in Oslo. They have a small kennel with 4 dogs. They enjoy long trips in the mountains. They needed some more horse power in their team, and are very happy with Badger. They tell about eagerness and intensity in harness.

Big Buffalo is living in Finland at kennels Good Mushing (Kati Sironen) and Nordysak (Suvi Lathinen). We have a good collaboration between the our kennels. They report Uule (as he is now called) to be confident and strong. Hopefully he will be good enough to enter their competition team. Suvi Lathinen compete in mid-distance and Kati Sironen will compete in long distance (have competed in mid-distance earlier).

Names and pages:
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Pictures newborn

Pictures four weeks old

Pictures eight weeks old

Father: Tipp

Mother: Pippi