Huskyville's second litter. One of my main leaders, Mel, was studded with Finnemarka's Jarvi 2 (breeder; Christen Rose Andersen). Mel gave birth to 8 puppies June 7th. 5 males and 3 females. Except for one very small male this litter was very even in size. All the puppies will have the name Skjelbreia in their pedigree names. Skjelbreia is a wonderful place in the forest at Oslo's east side. Many of the puppies has the pinto pattern - giving them a special appearance in colouring, and most of them got blue eyes. Hopefully they will become as eager in harness as their mother and father. From this litter I kept two females after their first season.

Updates: After the first racing season I kept Birch Coulee (Bjørk) and Mustang at the kennel.

Pioneer Elsa and Kentucky are living with Sabrine and Stefan Dehof in the North of Norway. Kentucky is on breeding terms. Sabrine and Stefan has 6 Siberian huskies and 10 Alaska malamutes. They report Kentucky to be a very nice sled-dog already working good in lead. Elsa unfortunately had an accident and had to amputate a toe. Hopefully she will not be too much affected by this injury.

Winchester, now called Felix, is living in Fredrikstad with Marie Hamersten. Felix has become a city-dog and does well in obedience training. They have had some problem with his stomach, but I think everything is working better now. But he is a bit sensitive. He is a nice-tempered and intelligent dog.

Bandit, now called Ludo, is living with Atle Eikevik and his pack of Siberian huskies in Western Norway - Sogndal. His daughter, Ingvild, has named him Ludo and spends hours with him in the dog pen. Atle is competing in both sprint and mid-distances. And I hope Ludo will make the team when he gets older. Ludo was one of the nicest built puppies in the litter.

Colt, the small tough one that had a rough start on his life, is now enjoying the company of Huskyville's Apache Black Badger and the rest of the pack in Kule Ul Kennel in Oslo. Ivar Hordnes and Anne Spangen that has Badger from my first litter, got Colt during the summer 2013. They are very satisfied and reporting Colt to be a hard worker that is now becoming one of their main leaders. Like the rest of the pack Colt is spending evenings and nights inside the house and cabin, and looks at himself as Royalty...

Remington, the big one, is living with the family Reiersgård in Ski, Akershus. He is sharing their attention with 7-8 other Siberian huskies. Remington is a bit spoiled as he is almost as much inside the house as in the kennel... Remington will be competing on middle-distance races.

Names and pages:
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Pictures newborn

Pictures 4 weeks old

Pictures 7 weeks old

Father: Finnemarka's Jarvi 2

Mother: Mel